Cami is playful, energetic and very inquisitive. She's also quite the talker and we find ourselves having more conversations with her than we really should mention. Cami is the type of cat that will follow you everywhere, she just loves company! You will never be bored with her in your home. She is very entertaining! She can often be found stalking a moth or fly . . .or even a piece of fur floating through the air. One of her favorite activities is chasing the red laser dot.  During our renovations she was hands-on.  If you're looking for a supervisor for any project -- Cami is your girl!

A very happy adoption took place on 4/16 for Cami -- Cami who was sad because she was always a bridesmaid and never a bride. Well, Cami became bride!!  

Long-time supporters, Steve and Ellaina saw that Cami had been with us for a very long time and were looking for a new kitty to spoil. They decided Cami was their girl! They came out to see what Cami likes to do and bought her all her favorite toys, treats and scratching posts. We are so delighted that Cami is now the queen of her castle and is being spoiled beyond belief. This one really made us tear up with very happy tears!!