Chico was declawed on all four paws by his previous owner, who then dumped him at the pound because they "had no time for him."  Chico was slated to be euthanized when The Paw Project stepped in to pledge for his rescue. 

The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals also stepped in and sent The Wheels of Hope to rescue Chico and get him to a safe place until we had room.  While he was boarding at the vet, The Mayor's Alliance used The Paw Project pledge for a full work-up on Chico, including much needed dentistry.

Chico was adopted out, but unfortunately and most likely due to being declawed, Chico doesn't use the litter box and was, understandably, returned to us.

Please don't declaw.  Chico lost his claws, his home and nearly his life because of it.  Rescues can only do so much.  We can't give them back what was taken from them.

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