Eenie was rescued them from a kill shelter 13 years ago.   When she came to us she had stomatitis, a condition where the bacteria on the teeth causes an overreaction from the immune system ending up in painful inflammation of the mouth.  She had dental surgery a few years ago to correct the problem and has not missed those teeth at all.

On recent bloodwork, we noticed that she had an elevation in her liver enzymes.  She went on medication and an ultrasound was recommended.  Eenie's ultrasound showed that she has inflammatory bowel disease which will likely be chronic.  We are treating her and she is responding well.  

We are thrilled to announce that after 13 years, this sweet girl finally found her forever home on September 23rd through our Seniors for Seniors program. Long-time Ladew supporter, Dan just lost his beloved Sydney (another senior that Dan adopted from Ladew) and he came back to give another a chance at a forever home. Happy life Dan and Eenie!!