This sweet trio was cared for by a neighbor on our block.  When she moved to Florida, she asked a next door neighbor to feed them and sent that neighbor money to do so.  The neighbor never fed them because they came to us looking for food!  As much as we would love to bring them inside, they are feral and would not be happy.  They are spayed/neutered and vaccinated and we have devised a method of trapping them if they need medical care.  (Frick had a tooth abscess and Frodo had some glass in his paw). We built them shelter and they have a heated water bowl and heating pads and straw. We can't touch them, but we love 'em to bits.

***UPDATE  When the weather dipped to single digits in February of 2016, we were afraid the heated house wouldn't be warm enough.  We managed to trick two of them to come inside and the third we trapped.  We're happy to say that FF&F are pretty happy with their new arrangement and are perfectly content to go out in the catio during the day, and have a cozy warm bed to sleep in at night.

Frack, pictured below, left us in 2017 and our dear Frodo left us in June, 2018.  Frick is carrying on without them.  They were such a staple we don't have the heart to remove their names.  

If you would like further information about Frick, Frack and Frodo, please feel free to email us at or call us at 516-922-CATS (2287).  

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