“Senior Prom” to Unite Senior Cats (10+ Years) and Potential 
Senior Citizen Adopters in a Festive Meet-and-Greet Event

Sunday, July 21, 2019 ~ 11 to 5 p.m.


(Oyster Bay, NY) – The Patricia H. Ladew Foundation, Inc. – a cat rescue, sanctuary and adoption organization – will showcase its innovative Seniors for Seniorsprogram on Sunday, July 21 from 11:00 to 5:00 P.M. in their second annual “Senior Prom” event. 

The Seniors for Seniors program, which matches senior cats (10 or more years old) with potential senior citizen adopters, enables older community members to enjoy the benefits of pet ownership, which can include improved physical and mental health, and longer lives with greater daily enjoyment. To reduce the usual demands of taking on a pet, the Foundation continues to pay reasonable medical expenses for the cat at their facility in Oyster Bay, who also may return to the Sanctuary if circumstances change in the adopter’s life. 

Original research by the Patricia H. Ladew Foundationrevealed that many senior citizens are reluctant to adopt a pet due to two primary factors: the expense related to medical care of an animal and the fear that they will die or become unable to care for the animal, leaving the cat homeless. Dr. Whittred conceived of the Seniors for Seniors program to remove barriers to adoption for this group of potential adopters and to facilitate the adoption of senior cats, who are notoriously hard to place. Both populations benefit from this program – senior cats and senior humans. 

The event will take place on the Patricia H. Ladew Foundation’s extraordinary property in Oyster Bay. Bequeathed to the Foundation by its namesake and founder, the sanctuary consists of a private house in downtown Oyster Bay with a yard, spectacular enclosed cat-friendly patio, and on-site medical clinic. A party atmosphere at “Senior Prom” will allow the Foundation’s senior cats to flirt with potential new life mates, as the senior adults get to visit with and get to know the cats and their unique personalities. 

The Patricia H. Ladew Foundation, Inc. is a New York State Registered Shelter/Rescue. Our Registration Number is RR321.

Mission Statement

Reducing feline suffering by providing housing for homeless cats rescued from municipal shelters, sterilizing those stray and feral cats to reduce overpopulation and by providing necessary medical treatment.

The house in Oyster Bay is a closed–admission sanctuary for homeless cats that are rescued primarily from Animal Care and Control, Long Island Municipal Shelters and The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals.  It features outdoor enclosed runs and offers a home–like atmosphere where the cats live uncaged (unless illness necessitates temporary caging). Caretakers live on the premises to accommodate daily care for the cats. Our on-site staff veterinarian checks each cat on a regular basis and provides any medical treatment necessary. All cats are vaccinated, tested for FELV/FIV, sterilized and microchipped. New cats are quarantined for 30 days prior to introduction to the resident cats.  Due to our small size, we are unable to accept cats from the public.  When space allows, we rescue and provide medical care for cats slated for euthanasia from overcrowded city shelters or the Mayor's Alliance through the New Hope Fund.  The New Hope Fund was started through a generous donation from Sandra Atlas Bass and has continued with a generous grant from Maddie's Fund.  


Due to the generosity of Maddie's Fund, PHLF received a $29,000 subsidy to help cover the ever-rising costs of medical care.  We were able to place 109 cats in loving homes last year, and continue to pay for medical care for the rest of the cats in our care.  Apart from our New Hope Fund, the subsidy also paid for and continues to pay for cats that are adopted with pre-existing heart murmurs.  Our Have-A-Heart Fund, developed specifically from this grant, pays for costly echocardiograms for any cat that is adopted with a pre-existing heart murmur for the life of the cat.  Since the inception of this program 5 cats with pre-existing heart murmurs were placed into homes.  These funds will continue to allow us to provide premium medical care for the cats and kittens in our care. Our organization is using Maddie's Adoption Subsidy to help us pay for lab work and other costs that are necessary and making our cats as adoptable as possible.

PHLF would like to thank Maddie's Fund for their generous grant to our sanctuary.    


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