Mister Cat was transferred to us at Adoptapalooza in 2016 when he was the last cat left on their adoption unit.  We noticed he was drinking a lot and did some bloodwork to find out he was diabetic.  We managed to get him off insulin and on to a special diet, but that meant he had to live by himself at our sanctuary.  

The folks at KitNipBox fostered him for a year, until they had to move offices that wouldn't allow Mister!  They even tried taking him to one of their homes, but the resident cat wasn't too happy.

We are delighted to report that Mister Cat found his forever home back at Adoptapalooza, September 17, 2017 where it all began.  We are continuing to help with his medical care so this guy will always be a part of us.

Happy life sweet boy - you deserve it!!