1. Where do your animals come from?

Most of our cats are transfers from overcrowded municipal shelters or from the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals.  Others are from owners who are/were Ladew Cat Sanctuary Members and have/had made special arrangements (Surviving Pet Care) by their owners to be placed in our sanctuary.

2. If I need to give my pet up for adoption, what do I do?

Unfortunately, because we have limited space, we are closed for admissions unless you have made special arrangements with our staff (Surviving Pet Care). If you do need to give up your pet and are located in Oyster Bay, please call the Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter at 516–677–5784.  There is also a list of shelters/rescue groups at the bottom of this page that may be useful.

Before you give up your pet, please call Pet Help Partners (PHP) a pet retention program of The Humane Society of the United States.  They may be able to help you and your pet stay together!  Their free and low cost services include:

Pet behavior advice and training/Pet health and spay/neuter information/Boarding during a crisis/Referrals to partner veterinarians/Assistance with pet- related housing conflicts/Allergy solutions.

Pet Help Partners can be reached at 917-484-3169.

3. I’m thinking about adopting a pet as a gift for a friend, what do you suggest?

Many animals are given up to shelters because people bought them as gifts for friends who really didn’t want them. Some of our kittens have gone out this way when they were little and then returned when they are older and more difficult to place in forever homes (which is not fair to them). Therefore, we suggest that if you want to give pet as a gift, why not ask your friend/relative first if they are willing to make that commitment. If so, you could offer to cover the adoption cost as the gift.

4. Can I return the pet if something happens?

Yes, our pets will always have a home for life. Refunds are only given within 7 days of adoption according to the terms in our contract.

5. Can I become a volunteer?

Sure! We always need some extra cat cuddlers around – and will promise to be your best friend if you like to clean! We can also use help with fundraising and social media.  Give us a call at 516-922-CATS (2287) or fill out our Volunteer Application.  

6.  How can I donate?

There are several ways to donate.  You can sponsor a cat, you can purchase goods from our Amazon Wish List, or contribute on a monthly basis.  Please visit our Donate page for more detailed information.

7. If I want The Foundation to care for my animals if something happens and I can no longer do so, can I make arrangements?

Because we have limited space, arrangements must be made ahead of time.  For further information about the Surviving Pet Care Program, please email us at or call us at 516-922-CATS (2287).

8. There are some feral/stray cats in my yard that I would like to trap and get them spayed or neutered. How do I go about this?

If you need help now, you may want to contact Animal Alliance Long Island which is a network of educational and directional information helping feral cat rescuers, care givers and individual citizens on Long Island to implement a humane and effective solution toward resolving the feral cat problem on Long Island with TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return). TNR is a proven successful option and sound solution for the control and reduction of feral cat populations.

If you are located in the five boroughs, please contact The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, The Feral Cat Council, or Neighborhood Cats  for information in your area.