The New Hope Fund was started through a generous donation from Sandra Atlas Bass.  Our first New Hope rescue through this fund, Atlas, (pictured above) was named in her honor. 

Cats like Atlas have no owner.  They have no owner to pay for their medicine, to give them treats, to give them comfy beds or to give them love.  They sit day after day at municipal kill shelters, in a cage until their time is up.  If they are lucky, they get adopted.  Many of the older ones are not lucky.

As a New Hope Partner, when room allows, we go to Animal Care and Control and rescue as many of these cats as we can.  Each cat is given a medical work-up tailored to that cat's needs.  At a minimum, all cats are given physical exams, vaccinations, microchips, fecal examinations and are spayed/neutered, all of which are performed at our on-site clinic.  Many need full bloodwork and some need diagnostic imaging.  At the very least it costs approximately $100 per cat.  Any amount donated will help us continue this program.  Please give what you can -- we are all these cats have.  

Donate to the Sandra Atlas Bass New Hope Fund