Ray was rescued from ACC where he was surrendered by his owner. He had a severe infection at the root of his canine tooth and was at risk of euthanasia. We rescued Ray and
provided the oral surgery that he needed. Prior to his dental surgery, we did bloodwork and found that Ray was diabetic. We started him on insulin and in a short time, were able to wean him off and maintain him on high protein/low carb canned food.  

Ray went to Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp last weekend in hopes of finding a home. While he was there, he met his idol, Jackson Galaxy, who imparted some adoption mojo. Ray didn’t know it, but he also met his soul mate. A gentleman by the name of Ray Wright (who is also diabetic) met Ray at Cat Camp and couldn’t stop thinking about him. 

On May 12, 2018, they made it official. Our Ray went home with his Ray, his Mr. Wright.