Red lived his whole life with one family.  When the husband became ill, the wife couldn't look after them and boarded them with a local veterinarian.  It was there that they discovered Red was diabetic.  After a few months, the family asked the veterinarian to put Red and his "sister" Mary to sleep.  The vet's office were already bonded with 14-year-old Red and his sister, Mary and asked us if we could help.  

Once with us, we had a little trouble regulating Red and did some bloodwork.  We found that a liver enzyme was elevated and performed and ultrasound.  The ultrasound revealed a growth in his bile duct and we started Red on some meds -- which have worked!  The enzymes have returned to normal and Red gained a few pounds.

Red was really missing home life, so we put him up for adoption through our Seniors for Seniors program, where we pay Red's (reasonable) medical expenses.  

When Michele saw the posts about Red, there was a connection that she just couldn't deny.  Red went home with Michele on May 6th, 2018, from Jackson Galaxy's Cat Camp and the two are doing great!  Red is blissfully happy!