When Tigger's owner went into the hospital, she had a feeling she would not return home.  She left Tigger a big bowl of food and water, but it wouldn't be enough.  When she realized that she would not be returning home, she reached out to social workers for someone to please take care of Tigger.  

The social workers contacted the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals.  Between the Social Workers, the super and the apartment building and the Mayor's Alliance, Tigger was taken care of by the super until transportation could be arranged.  Tigger was brought to the Mayor's Alliance and then transferred to us.  She is a wonderful, 6-year-old kitty who has chronic kidney disease but heart that is full of love.

Tigger was adopted during Clear The Shelters on August 18, 2018.  She spent one more night with us so we could love her up before going to her forever home on August 19, 2018.